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The GBS Boys

It all started in 2010 when Brad and Sean met at Grace Community Church in Oak Harbor, Washington. This is where Brad grew up, and where Sean and his wife had been posted to with the Royal Canadian Navy. Their love of sports, beer, and talking, was born in the church men’s group. Sadly, Sean had to return to Canada where there is lots of hockey, but only one baseball and basketball team for the whole country to talk about and cheer for. And no NFL, which he developed a love for after marrying his American wife. (OHIO!) Yes, Canada has the CFL, but...

While Sean was getting posted across Canada the last 6 years, Brad was busy procreating with his lovely wife, back on Whidbey Island. Working hard and being the 12th Man for his Seahawks.

Fast Forward to 2020 and a world shut-down. No sports. No bars. No gathering with friends. Sean and Brad knew it was time open up a space to allow for all 3. And the GBS Podcast and Virtual Sports Bar was born. So come on in, pull up a seat, grab a beer, and get talking!

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A life long resident of Whidbey Island, Brad has been a fan of all sports since early childhood. His fandom majors in NFL, NBA, MLB, MLS, UFC and minors in the NHL. He is beautifully married to Nikki and a devoted father of 5 children: Delaney, Lily, Jaxon, Brooklyn and Cobie. 

The Seahawks, Mariners, Sounders and Trailblazers (RIP his beloved SONICS) are his teams of choice (he is still uncertain if his alliance with the Canucks is swayed by the Kracken) and believes Jon Jones is the PFP MMA champ. 

Brad believes kindness matters, family over everything, and that you should never leave a game before the final whistle blows.

Brad Tesch

Sean Vaillancourt

Husband to Joanna. Dad to Deon, a dog and 2 cats. Member of the Royal Canadian Navy. From Brampton, Ontario. Sean is a lifelong Maple Leafs, Blue Jays, and Bills Fan. But adopted the Cleveland Browns when he got married. He has a  Love/Hate relationship with the Montreal Canadiens.


Sean enjoys poker with the boys, movies in the theatre, large popcorns that he doesn't have to share, talking to anyone he meets about sports, and looking at himself in any reflective surface. 

Sean disagrees with Brad about many things, but first and foremost that Jon Jones is the PFP MMA champ, when it is obviously George St. Pierre.

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