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Kyle Lowry Stays!

Kyle Lowry stays!

Say what you will about the 2021 trade deadline, it was interesting. Many fans in Raptors nation felt saddened watching Kyle Lowry play his last game in Toronto. It made sense to assume this, since the trade deadline was looming. Everyone felt that his exit, along with Norm Powell, was a foregone conclusion. The deadline day arrived, and Norm Powell was gone. He became a Trailblazer. In return, Toronto received Gary Trent and Rodney Hood. To everyone's shock, possibly even Kyle Lowry's, he remained a Raptor.

"How can this be?" was the reaction of Raptor nation. I mean, we all were ready for his departure, and why not? He deserves to be on a playoff team. The bigger picture also asks the question, "what does Toronto get in return? " Forget about all the names out there on the trade block. We need draft picks and the ability to rebuild. Raptors nation has paid for this in the past. Who remembers Chris Bosh and 'The Decision?' Where Lebron James and Chris Bosh, on national television announced their departure. Shocking their team and their fans. There is no way Raptors fans want to be in the midst of a similar fiasco today.

Back in 2010, Chris Bosch was still very young and had plenty of upside to his career. Getting nothing for him when we had a chance, left a bad taste in Toronto's mouth. Kyle Lowry is in a different season in his career. The 35-year-old, perennial, All Star point guard, is in his final years. Had Kyle Lowry been traded, he would've been a rental for some playoff hopeful. They would only have been guaranteed a playoff run, and Toronto would be looking at draft choices. If the goal was to get out from his 30-million-dollar contract, that happens next season anyways.

There is no reason to fret Raptors Nation. We still have VanVleet, Chris Boucher, and now Gary Trent. With the cap space freed up without Lowry’s contract, we can make a push for experienced talent next season. This makes more sense than drafting and developing a future pick. We also get to see Kyle play in the uniform that made him a household name a little longer. Win/Win situation? I say so. To me this is great news for Raptor's fans. Who knows? With the new playoff format, we could be playing for a play-in game. In the end, the Toronto Raptors are in great shape for the future.

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